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From Sunday til Wednesday I was in London with my sister for a little holiday trip. Even though the trip was quite exhausting it was a really lovely time.

We flew over night and right at the beginning of our journey we had to pay 90 Euros for the check-in, which was frustrating. And then our flight was late, that annoyed us even more.

But in the airplane everything was fine again, because I was so excited for the flight and our holiday. The flight was about an hour and a half long and then we had to take the bus to the center of London. By the time we checked in in the hotel it was 3am.

On Monday we walked thru the Hyde Park to the Buckingham Palace, looked at the Big Ben and the house of Parliament, walked to the National Gallery and then over the Millennium Bridge. Then we walked on the South Bank to the to the London Eye. The reason I used to word WALKED so often, is because it felt like we walked thru half London, and it was so exhausting and painful. But we saw a lot of amazing things.


On our second day we went to the National History Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum. They were really nice and you could look at so much cool stuff. We went to the Oxford road to go to the British History Museum but unfortunately it began to rain so we fled into the stores. Because of the 90 Euros we had to pay at the beginning at the journey we did not had enough money to pay anything, and for me it was really hard to look at all the amazing stuff I couldn’t buy.

It stopped raining and we went to Soho, which is my favorite part of the city. I just love the little shops and all the delicious food and it is not so full like the Oxford Street. The shops really look lovely and kind of vintage, which I really like.

The next day was kind of stressful because we couldn’t find the bus station at first and then we had to wait half an hour for the security check and we almost missed our flight, but in the end we did it.

It was really nice to spend some time with my sister and I think London is such a beautiful city.


I can’t wait for my next holiday trip week.


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