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Vacation, Prom and a Birthday party

I didn’t really post something lately, but for a good reason: Vacation ❤

My mom and I went to Vrsa, a town in Croatia. We stayed there for a week and relaxed and laid in the sun. It was really lovely and the people were so nice. But the week was over soon and so we went home.

The day after we arrived home was Prom night. Well, not my Prom, but the Prom of my friends. So we all dressed up really nice and danced all night. Literally. All night. When I went home, the sun came up. Also, the food was so amazing. I didn’t really eat that much that day, so I was really hungry. This was good, because I could try many different things from the buffet AND eat a lot for dessert. WIN!!!

The next day, or the same because the new day has started, was the Birthday party of my friend Jenny (She turned 19). I made her a Strawberry limes and I gave her the strawberry eos lipbalm and some strawberry chocolate. I only knew her and our friend Gamely at the party, but I didn’t felt uncomfortable. I actually talked a lot to the other guest, they were all really cool.


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