Guess who´s back, back again!


I can’t believe that I´ve been here in New Zealand for 22 days. It really feels like it has been a wayyy longer than that. Just in case you have no idea why I am in NZL or what this whole thing is here is the explanation: Well, this is my Blog where I should write about things I´ve done (but I am always forget to do that) and I work here in NZL for one year as an Au Pair for a lovely family.

I wish that I could say that I already seen everything here in Auckland, but the truth is I haven’t (yet).

To be fair, I work 40 hours a week. And yes, I actually WORK. Besides that, the weekends are always quite busy: Birthday parties, family dinner, going to the mall, meeting new friends…

But finally I went to my first day trip! To Rangitoto, the volcanic Island.



I went there with six motivated girls on a cloudy, but luckily not rainy day.



The hike was actually a real hike, and not just a walk.



But it was not too exhausting and absolutely worth it.20161001_124906.jpg


To view was so amazing (it doesn´t look that good in the photos)



We had some chips and sodas in an Irish pub as a reward afterwards 🙂




The evening was quite relaxing. My host family and I ate some delicious Nachos and watched “50 first dates” and went to bed afterwards.

Today we had a chill day as well. We slept in, went to the Mall for some stuff (and yes, the shops are open on a Sunday), had tea and scones with the grandparents, aunt and cousins at our house and now the host mom and I are heading to the gym.

Life is good here




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