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No admittance except party business

Okay. Before I´m going to tell you about my trip to Hobbiton this Friday, a quick recap of the week: Relaxing, Trampoline world with the kids, One Tree Hill Park and Mission Bay with some delicious frozen yoghurt and watching “The Lorax”, Playing Romecup  and going to the Indoor Swimming Pool and dinner at a families friend house.

And then there was the Friday.

I had to wake up at 6 am to catch the Bus to Britomart, were I met the others (We were 8 in total). We rented a car at “jucy” and then our 2 h journey began.


The Shire is between Hamilton and Rotorua, just in case you didn’t know.

We were absolutely lucky with the weather, because every time we got out of the car it stopped raining and the sun came out.

The Film Set was so amazing! It was really like you are in the Movie and everything was incredibly detailed.

And we even went to the “Green Dragon” and enjoyed a free ginger beer.


The Tour was about 45 Minutes and since we rented the car for a whole day we decided to make some spontaneous trips.


Our first stop were the “Wairere Falls”. The hike to the falls was sooo muddy and my shoes were totally covered with mud afterwards but it was an amazing view.



After that we were hungry. Really really hungry. We wanted to go to Cambrige at first, but we missed the motorway exit. So we went to Hamilton instead.


We ate at a really cool Bistro, were I had an incredible veggi burger.


After that we went home. But unfortunately, we had some troubles…

For some reason the GPS showed us a longer way home and we arrived in Auckland at 10 pm.

But I was really happy that I cached my bus (even thou I had to run) so I was home at 11 pm.

And that was my week from Monday to Friday. And the weekend is busy as well.

Busy but fun.


“I´m going on an adventure” – Bilbo Baggins




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