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A Head full of Dreams

On Saturday, my friend L. and I went to a Dutch market in the morning. My friend is Dutch so she could tell me a lot about all the different goodies there.



I tried “Oliebol” and L. Told me that it´s a tradition in Nederland to eat them on New Year Eves.


They were absolutely delicious!

After that we went to the top of “One Tree Hill”, the nearest volcano from my home. We took a lot of nice pictures. And since it is spring in NZL there where little lamps and spring flowers everywhere.


We went to one of my favourite Bistros afterwards for a late Brunch (It was more like a Lunch). It´s called “Little Jimmy” and we had this amazing baked muesli with fruit and yoghurt.



Today, on Sunday, I (or we) bought something really awesome! A little clue: It has something to do with the title of this blog post. Also for my family: my Father is going to be really jealous : )

I also went to St. Lukes (a Mall) with my host family and then we met some family members at the Irish Pub where we always go on Sundays.

After that I went to Devonport to meet my friends. Because the weather crap, we went to a lovely cafe, where I had cheesecake and a spicy chai latte.


And that´s my “Hymn for the weekend” for this week



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