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Waiheke Island Andventure

So this Sunday we went to Waiheke Island to paddle with kayaks around the Owhanake Bay.

But let´s start at the beginning of the journey. Because I´m an idiot (well, I was sick so I just couldn’t think strait) I thought we would meet in Devonport at the ferry there, but we met at Britomart, central Auckland. Luckily I read my WhatsApp messages in the morning, so I didn’t ended up in the wrong place. But the thing is, it is just impossible to park your car for a day in central Auckland. So I had to park at my Gym and then ran to Britomart.

So I was all sweaty and out of breath when we jumped on the ferry.

And then the fun began!


The (kind of weird) kayak guy gave us a short instruction, life jackets, paddles and kayaks and then we were good to go. We could not paddle the long way (The 2h one) because the weather wasn´t that good, but at least we could paddle for 1h 20min, which felt like 10 Minutes.


Even thou the weather were not that great and the ocean was freezing cold, we had a good time.


I totally forgot how much I love kayaking.




After our paddle session, we walked a little track to the next town, Oneroa. We had some luch at the beach and relaxed before we took the bus to the Onetangi Beach, the longest beach of the Island. We set in the sand and enjoined a few sun rays.


Then we took the bus back to Oneroa. Some of my friends were even brave enough to jump into the cold water at the Little Oneroa Beach. I really wanted to swim as well, but I still was a bit sick so I didn´t.


At the end of our day we had to walk all the way back to the ferry because our bus did not came. So we were all really really really tired.


I was quite happy when I laid in my bed that day.



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