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Hello Hello!

Yes, I haven’t wrote in a while, but that was just because I didn’t do anything interesting.

BUT FINALLY I went to a Daytrip again.

This time I went with the “Dutch girls” to Piha (and surroundings)

At first we went to the famous Piha Beach with the black sand and the “Lion Rock”. Unfortunately it began to rain and so we didn’t spend that much time there.



We went to Karekare Beach instead and I personally think that this beach is way more beautiful than Piha Beach. (Maybe that’s because the sun came out)

Also we did a really cool photo shoot there which was so much fun.



After that we walked to the “Kitekite Falls”.



They were absolutely beautiful and I really wanted to swim there but if was too cold and I didn’t had a towel.


Then we went with the car to the see the “Fairy falls”. The sings said that the track would be 45 Minutes to the falls but we did it in 30! But that was the easy part.

We did a long break there and ate lunch under the falls.

And then we had to go back.




One hour just going up, mostly wood stairs. My legs were dying.


Our last stop was the “Arataki Visitor Center” which was lovely and the view was amazing.

Also, they had this huge frame, which was cool.



And that was my Saturday.

My body still hurts from the track…




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