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Back to the 20s

I went to my first long weekend trip! Wuhu!

We (My dutch friend L. and two other girls that joined us) went to Nelson (and Hastings) from Friday to Sunday.

Just like every other trip I had to wake up at quarter to 6 am to catch the bus into the city to get our car.

Since my friend and I were the only drivers, we had to drive for a long, long time.

The drive took us about 7 hours and we were absolutely shattered.

So at our first day we just walked around the lovely Nelson. The city is built in an “Art Deco” style, so everything looked like the 20´s. Needles to say that I love this kind of style.


We went up the “Bluff Hill” for a lookout and to a wine shop 😉

By the way, Napier (or the whole Hawkes Bay) is famous for their winery.




And that was our first day.

The next day we had to get up at 6am, again!

But for something good. We did a tractor tour to “Cape Kidnappers”! Sounds silly, right? But It was actually really nice to drive with the tractor at the beach. Also, “Cape Kidnappers” was stunning! I have a million pictures of rocks now and another million pictures when we went up the Cape, but you cannot really tell on the pictures, how beautiful everything was.


After the (4 hour long ) tour we went to the Ocean Beach (was quite windy but nice)





We also went to the “Te Mata Peak”, which was one of my favorite views I have seen so far in NZL.



We went for dinner to Havelock North and ate some delicious pizza at “Pipi´s”, a really cute and really popular restaurant. Even though we were really tired we went for a quick stop to Hastings.



The next day, at our journey home, we stopped at the “Blue Spring”. The water was so clear and blue it didn’t even looked like water, more than glass.

(and again you can´t really tell in the pictures)

We stopped at Cambridge as well, just to relax from all the driving.

And now I am really tired, but it was worth it!

Good night,



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