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Coldplay in Auckland

Hello Guys, long time not seen. Unfortunately, I can´t do any weekend trips for a few weeks because I´m going to the South Island very soon for two weeks and I have to save money.


I went to something amazing anyways!

My Dutch friends and I went to see the Coldplay concert.


We bought the tickets months ago and we were so excited to finally seeing them!


It was absolutely worth waiting. The show was so amazing, it´s hard to even write about it. Everyone got a wristband which lights up via radio waves, so you were part of the show itself! For example: When they played the song “Yellow” every wristband turned yellow, at “A Sky Full of Stars” all the wristband lit up white, so it looked like a sky full of stars :D! And when they played “Adventure of a lifetime” every wristband had a different color, which changed and blinked and everybody danced and sang along!

After 2h 20 it was over and it felt like 5 Minutes

But it was so awesome! I was so happy I could have cried! I just smiled and danced and sang along for the whole time!


What an amazing day!



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