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South Island #1

26th + 27th of December 2016

I know that I haven’t posted anything in a while now, but in the month of December I had to save some money for something amazing: The south island of New Zealand! Three friends of mine (two Duchies, one German) and I went from the 26th of December 2016 to the 8th of January 2017 on our mission to see as much as possible from the South Island. And trust me, we saw a lot. That´s why I decided not to post about the whole trip at once, but always a bit.

So here are our first two days!

My friend F. And I slept the night from the 25th to the 26th at our friend’s house, so that we three could go together in a cap (taxi) in the early morning. Our flight departed around 8 am and we landed in Nelson at 9:30 am. And that´s when we met our new friend A. For the first time! Luckily she is a really lovely and nice person 🙂


So our road trip began. Four Au Pairs. Two weeks. One Island. The adventure started.


Since we used A.´s private car, she was the only one who was allowed to drive it. So we made a lot of breaks at viewpoints. This was totally fine with us, because they were all really nice. Our first stop was at the “Hawkes Lookout“.



We drove further to “Motueka” and had lunch there.  Then we went to the “Golden Bay” and our first campsite.

This is our little 4 Person tent we used 🙂

We went to the beach, had a swim and relaxed for the rest of the day

DSC00444.JPGAlso our friend L. taught us a card game called “Joker?”

I won!


The next day


We woke up nice and early to drive to the “Te Waikoropupu Springs”. They were absolutely amazing! The water was incredible blue and clear!


After that we went to the Lake “Rotoroa” in the Nelson Lake National Park. The Lake and the view itself was beautiful, but the sandflies. THE SANDLFIIES. THOSE LITTLE BLOOD EATING VAMPIERS MADE OF PURE EVIL! You thought Mosquitoes are bad? They are nothing next to the sandfly. They literately eat you alive. But enough of that. That´s just nature…..(I still have some bites and they itch so bad)



Then we went to the “Buller Gorge Swingbrige”. Unfortunately, I didn’t took any pictures of the actually swing bridge. It wasn’t that pretty anyways, but the walk was really nice.


My friends L. and F.



Then we went to Westport and because it was raining and our tent is a really cheap one and not made for such weather, we decided to go to a hostel and sleep there for the night.


And that´s the first part our journey.

There is more to come pretty soon.

See ya




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