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South Island #2

28th – 30th of December 2016


Wednesday didnt start that great for us to be honest. We wanted to walk the charming creek walkway to see a really beautiful waterfall, but we went the wrong way and after 45 Minutes (which was half way) we had to go back, since it was already lunch time.

The only picture I took 

But it went great from that point on 🙂


We went to “Cape Foulwind” to see a nice light house and (more important) a seal colony


At first we couldn’t find the seals, but the longer we looked, the more we found. We even saw some little baby ones! So cute!

Can you find the baby?


After this quick stop we went further to the famous “Pancake Rocks” in Punakaiki.

They were one of my favourite things on the South Island to be honest 😀 They just really look so strange and unique and the whole coast is just really beautiful. We took heaps of pictures, as usually and then moved on.



The last stop for the day was the “Sunset point”. I actually have no idea where this place was, but we took pretty cool pictures and stayed there for an hour before we went to a campsite.

Model: F. 😀

Well, we didn’t find the campsite where we wanted to go (We might have driven past it….). It was quite late, around 8pm and we just stopped at the first village we found. Luckily there was a DOC campsite (DOC means without showers and without a kitchen). We had Dinner at 9:30 pm and while we cooking, my friend A. recognised one of the boys in the room. It turned out it was a friend of her friend and they met at a party. Quite funny that they met in Germany and then New Zealand they saw each other the next time J


The next day we went further to the “Franz Josef Glacier”. I think I never saw a glacier before, or at least I can´t recall it. The glacier was pretty nice, but more impressive was the pictures how it looked 40 years ago. It shrieked so much since!



After I saw my first glacier we went to see another glacier, the “Fox Glacier”. It looks pretty similar (Who would have thought), but a bit smaller.



We drove further to the “Lake Matheson”, which if you google it, looks amazing. But, the thing is, it didn’t looked that great at all. Well, to be fair, “Mirror Lakes” only look like mirrors if there is zero wind blowing, and the south island is pretty windy. But it was quite pretty anyways, I guess.



We stayed the night in the backyard lawn of a cafe (It was like a tiny campsite). The couple, who owned that place, were the nicest people we have met! We were so happy to have a place to stay but they even had a really nice shower, a kitchen, a laundry and clean toilets there! We were really excited because we didn’t have had a shower in 3 days.

The next day the couple gave us really good tips where to stay around Queenstown, which pretty much saved our lives because everything was fully booked out. We thanked them and then went further.


Technically, we went back, because we went to the blue pools, which were in the “wrong direction”. But, as always, it was worth it! The water was so amazingly blue! Unbelievably blue!



After that we went to Wanaka, mainly to buy groceries and to have lunch. The city was so packed! All the people wanted to stay around Queestown for New Years Eve. We got a bit nervous, because we didn’t had a place to stay yet.


So we went to Queenstown and hoped there would be some place to stay. And we were lucky. We had the best spot at a campsite 10 Minute away from Queenstown and the really cool neighbours! After we built our tent we went back to town and got some ice cream and just walked a bit.

So that´s it today’s post 😉

See ya soon





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