Sout Island #3

31.12.2016 – 02.01.2016

The last day of 2016 was one of my favorite ones of our South Island roadtrip! We spent it the best way possible 🙂

We booked a tour to the “Milford Sound” the day before and we were all really excited to see, if it´s really that beautiful. So we woke up really early to park our car in Queenstown and waited for our bus. The bus arrived 15 Minutes later and then our 3 hour ride began. We slept pretty much the whole time, since we woke up around 6 am. We had some stops in between to get some morning tea and for some amazing lookouts.



When we (finally) arrived at our destination we were blown away! So many waterfalls and incredible mountains! We were quite lucky with the weather as well. It was a bit rainy at the beginning and then dry for the rest of the day.


Our Boat tour was awesome as well. We had a funny commentator called Forest and the best views! It was really good it rained before, so we could see around 100 waterfalls more!

We had a lot of fun on the boat and we were really impressed by the nature and it´s beauty.



But eventually we had to go back to Queenstown.

Queenstown was insane (in a good way)! I don’t know, but Queenstown is the place to be at New Years Eve on the South Island! There´s basically a huge party on the streets and everybody is such in a good mood! There are live bands, a DJ and a firework above the Lake at 00:00! But before we joined the party we had to eat some dinner. And what would be better than to have the “famous” Ferge Burger! Ferge Burger is queenstowns worst kept secret tip for a beautiful burger. We had to stand AN HOUR! In the queue, but then we finally had it. It was one of the best Burgers in my life! Not the best, but the second best. Totally worth waiting an hour.

Then we went to the Lake and waited for midnight and the new year! The Firework wasn´t that impressive, but still quite pretty and then the real party started!

We went to our campsite around 2 am and we slept sooo good!


The next morning we drove back to Queenstown, just to eat the award winning ice cream at “Patagonia” and after that we went further down to the southernmost point of the south Island. Most people think that is Bluff, but actually, that is not true. Well, we went there first.



But then we went to “Slope Point”. It was incredible hard to go there, though. It was so so so windy, you couldn’t even walk straight! Eventually, we made it.



We didn’t really saw a lot on that day, but to be fair, the weather wasn’t that great and we felt really tired.


The night was freezing cold and stormy and I decided to sleep in the car with my friend A. and I´m still glad I made this decision. I slept so good.

The next day we went to the “Cathedral Caves” and took a lot of cool pictures! And we saw a Penguin! But only one 😦 It was so cute, but also really scared of us. We were lucky that we went really early to the caves because it was almost empty when we arrived, but after we left it was quite busy.


Our next stop was the “Nuggetpoint”, which is another beautiful lighthouse. There are a lot of nice lighthouses on the south island, so it wasn’t that interesting, to be honest.

It is quite pretty though.


In the evening we finally arrived in Dunedin and we got a hostel, since the last night was really cold and we wanted to sleep in a bed for a change. Our hostel was called “Hogwartz” which is a pretty awesome name and inside there were a lot of Harry Potter references. That made a Harry Potter fan like me pretty happy.

6 more days to go on our south island trip

Stay tuned




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