South Island #5

06.01. – 08.01.2017

On our last few days we wanted to stay in one campground, so that we don’t have to pack all our staff in the last few days. We decided to stay in “Nelson” and to visit “Picton” and “Blenheim” from there.

However, before we went to “Nelson” we stopped at “Lake Rotoiti”. It´s next to “Lake Rotoroa”. They both look quite similar, but beautiful nevertheless.




We went further and after some time we arrived at our last campground in “Nelson”. We spent the rest of the day taking pictures on the beach and playing mini golf at the campground.

I won!


The next morning we slept really long, since we didn’t had to check out. After a long breakfast we eventually got in the car a drove to “Picton”. It is a really small but charming little city. Our friend A., who has already been to “Picton”, told us about this beautiful Track; the “Queen Charlotte Track”. So obviously, we walked the track (, while A. slept in the car).  We had a beautiful view over “Marlborough Sounds”.


We went to A.´s hometown; “Blenheim”. Compared to Auckland a really tiny town, but bigger than “Picton” by far.  It is really cute, thought. But there was nothing for us to do unfortunately; because all the shops were closed (you don’t have that in Auckland).


The next morning we decided to make pancakes for breakfast, because we wanted to have something special on our last day. Well, it didn’t worked out 😀 The hotplate wasn’t working properly, so we stood there for an hour for about 15 pancakes. And I am not kidding. We literately stood in front of this stupid thing for 60 Minutes.

That’s why of leaving at 10 am we left at 12 pm. Which wasn’t really an issue, because our flight was around 5pm so we still got heaps of time.

We went into the city center of Nelson. There was not really anything for us to do and we were kind of sad that our trip would be over in a couple of hours… We walked on the main road and suddenly there was a piano just on the corner with a sign “Please play me”. So obviously we stopped and F. played a few songs on it and a lot of people actually stopped and listened.


Unfortunately, it was time to go. A. drove us to the airport in her car and we hugged for the last time and then it was over. My friend L. and F. and I went back to Auckland to our families.



I think I´ll never forget those two weeks in my life. We saw so much of New Zealand and even thou the last couple of days weren’t that full on we still had a lot of fun. In fact, there was not one day without us laughing our butts off. I wish I could have written more about our trip, but it feels like there was so so so much that it was either only the basic facts or every single detail which would have took ages to write and read.






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