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Peninsula Coromandel

14 – 15.01.2017

A week after we came home from the south island, it was clear to us, that we definitely have to travel even more around the wonderful New Zealand. So my friends L. and F. (who are part of the #coolkids) and L.´s sister went to the Peninsula Coromandel!

The drive from Auckland to Coromandel is, luckily, only about 2 and a half hour long. This means that I didn’t wake up on 6am on a Saturday, but 7am! Anyways, we went to Thames, one of the bigger cities in the peninsula. We had some lunch and walked thru a little market.

We went up north and to The 309 Road and to the east coast. On the road are little stops, like the Waiau Fall, Cafes and (the best thing) a little farm full of pigs and piglets.

The Waiau Fall
Look at this little precious thing!

The sun began to go down and we were searching for a campground in Hot Water Beach. We stayed at the TOP 10 Holiday Park in the area, which was just a beautiful campground. Well, all TOP 10 Holiday Parks are amazing to be honest :D.

So, you might think “Why is this area called Hot Water Beach?”. Well, that’s because there are some patches on the beach were the water is boiling hot! You have to dig a “pool” into the sand on the beach and twice a day the water at those spots gets really warm. You can actually burn your feet, if you’re not careful.

Since the water gets hot only twice a day, one time at 3pm and the other time 3AM, we missed our chance. To go to the 3pm one….We woke up at 2:30 in the morning and put on our bikinis to go to the beach. IT WAS COLD. AND IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT.

Besides of that, it was pretty awesome and really relaxing.

The next morning we woke up pretty late (who would have thought) and went to the Cathedral Caves! It was really busy at the beach but still really amazing. I really wanted to swim but we didn’t wear our tongs 😦 So we took a lot of pictures instead! After that we headed back to Auckland.


And that’s basically all we did in Coromandel. I know, it´s not that much, but we only had two days. And I knew I would go there again next week for another adventure.

Stay tuned.




P.s. I have 7 blog posts to write and I´m really bad at actually doing that so I´m sorry that I write in March about what I did in Janurary!!


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