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The Pinnicals Hut

21 – 22.01.2017

A few months ago, the boys of my host family (The dad and the two sons) went with some friends on a “boy’s trip” to the Coromandel Peninsula. They hiked to a hut in the woods and stayed there for the night and the next day they went back. Since that day, they always told us girls how awesome it was and that they want to it again. Of course us three (host mum, daughter and me) wanted to join! So at the end of January it was finally time for our family adventure!

We wanted to climb the Pinnacles and stay there for a night in the hut. We already knew that the hut was full but we booked it beforehand. The hike is only 6 Kilometers long but takes around 3 – 4 hours, because it´s so steep.

The day before our adventure we all packed our backpacks with a lot of food, clothes and sleeping bags and of course a lot of water. We even had dehydrated food for our dinner at the hut. It kind of looked like astronaut food. I was really impressed by the kids, they never complained that their backpack it too heavy, even though they had almost the same weight as the grown up ones.

We left our house in the early morning and drove to the Coromanel Forest Park. We parked our car and began to walk. The walk is really nice, since it goes over rivers and thru a beautiful forest, it´s not boring at all.



After an hour of walking up stairs I was so exhausted. The kids were waaaaay in front of me and I needed some air! So we had a snack and a quick break, while we enjoyed the amazing few. Eventually I was ready to go on. Only half an hour (or 45 minutes) later we reached the half way mark, which really relived me, because the stairs wouldn’t be that steep anymore and the hardest part was behind us.


It really felt way easier to walk the rest of our hike. When we arrived at the hut we were quite surprised, because it didn’t felt like a three hour hike at all! Anyways. The hut is pretty awesome: A big kitchen, toilets (important), lots of beds (80 in total) and lots of nice people. We had a rest for an hour until we hiked to the top. Or more like climbed to the top. The climb is only half an hour and lots of fun, because it´s so steep you need ladders or find your own path thru the rocks. The view from the top was amazing and luckily the weather was quite good. But that would change. As we climbed down the clouds went darker and as soon as we arrived at the hut it began to rain.

It rained basically all evening and all night, but the next day, right before we wanted to start, it stopped! We were so so lucky! The hike down is so easy; it felt like it was half an hour. But we were still quite tired from the day before.


We got to the car park and the drove to the next city to eat some real food (The “astronaut food” wasn’t really that good). Afterwards we went to a thermal hot pool and let me tell you; it was heaven. There is no better thing, than to relax in hot pool after a hike! it was soooo sooo soooooo good.

the best thing.




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