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Things, Kiwis do!

I cannot really write anything interesting about my week so far, since I am a bit sick and the school started again, so everything is back to normal.

So, Instead to write about things I did, here are some things I learned about the Kiwi-Culture

First thing I realized here was that the people here are just really really kind and welcoming. It´s not just my host family or their friends, no, whenever you go shopping or sitting in a cafe, the people around you are just really open and always nice.

Another thing I discovered here is, that NZL chocolate is amazing. I love Tim Tams. Well, they are from Aussie, I guess, but they are quit famous here as well, so it counts. And Toffeepops are so good! I´m going to send my family some of these for Christmas, so they can taste some kiwi goodness.

But there are some weird dishes as well. Not gross, just weird.

For example: Spaghetti on toast as a snack or lunch. Yes. Spaghetti. On a slice of toast. I don’t really dislike it but it´s just weird. And they only eat Toast here. It´s called “bread” and only if you toast it it´s toast, but for me it´s always just toast. Good German bread is probably the thing I miss the most.

Here in NZL everyone is Rugby-crazy. Kind of like in Germany, everyone is soccer-crazy. Rugby is actually quite interesting. It is faster than soccer and way better than American football. And the “All Blacks” are the best team. They really are. They are the world champions in rugby.

Also, little fun facts: Lollies, here in NZL, are not Lollipops. When you say Lollies you mean sweets/candy. And here it´s not called drugstore, but pharmacy. And instead of convenient store you say dairy.

Of course there is a lot more to leard about the kiwis butthat´s it for today.

Bye Mates!





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